For ages, the concept of pet insurance just seemed a little bit ridiculous to me. Not because I thought that my pets weren’t worth it, or because I thought that nothing bad would ever happen to my pets. I thought it was ridiculous because I genuinely had no idea how expensive pet bills could be, I certainly didn’t think they could cost almost as much as human hospital and doctor visits. But when you are ignorant about such things, you will almost always be negatively surprised.

Almost a year ago, my cat – basically still a kitten at the time – got out of the front gate and got hit by a car. It was probably one of the worst things I could imagine happening. Now I don’t want to worry you too severely, because she lived, and she is totally fine now, the only minor difference being that she now only has three legs.

Turns out, she runs even faster with only three legs, it’s like she’s more aerodynamic or something because she is as happy as could be. Me, not so much, as her vet bill for the amputation came in at over $1500. It was an absolutely whopping payment for me, and I only just finished paying off the bill two months ago.

I don’t think I even need to say that I now have pet insurance, for both of my cats and my dog. There was no way I was even going to risk going through that again. and in a way, I’m almost thankful that this happened because I was able to get all of my insurance sorted out. Pet, car, renters’, and contents insurance. Sure, I also had to pay to get some insurance help from an insurance adviser in inner Melbourne, but it was worth it.

Honestly, I would recommend that everyone figure out what kind of insurance they need, and what they really value enough to keep insured. Its incredible the kind of peace of mind that you can achieve by getting it. I always thought it was just the ads that were telling me that insurance would provide a kind of ‘comforting security’ for ‘just in case’ but it’s really true.

I know that if I still didn’t have insurance, especially pet insurance, I would be so anxious about letting my pets out, and I know that when my laptop was stolen last year I would have had to pay all of the cost of a new one out of pocket. For me at least, I am more than happy to fork out a little bit every month to protect me, ‘just in case’.